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Mansion Hotel in Portaria

The unique Pelion peninsula in the heart of Greece is the ultimate combination of sea and mountain, a place where nature thrives and the landscape is one of immense beauty, charm and inspiration. The region of Pelion is the ideal destination for your holidays in Greece throughout the year.

Althea Traditional Hotel With a huge variety of villages, coastal resorts and hamlets scattered all over the peninsula, Pelion has so many beautiful places to visit that one is truly spoilt for choice. From the coastal towns, to those located in the mountains, each has a charm and beauty unlike any other.

The mountainous village of Portaria, one of the most famous in all of Pelion, is located approximately 13km from the city of Volos and 12km from the ski resort Agriolefkes, yet is one of the most peaceful and tranquil of all villages.

With easy access from Volos and to the either the coastal or mountainous villages, Portaria is an ideal base, and one that makes it very easy for visitors to venture out, and sample the beauty and magic that is found all across this stunning peninsula.

It is here in Portaria that you will find the beautiful "Althea Mansion Hotel" from which we are delighted to welcome you to our village, and to offer you a wonderful selection of comfortable and quality accommodation throughout the year.

Portaria has many old mansions, one of them is the Althea Mansion built in 1830, which is part of the group of neoclassical "Egyptian" manions of Portaria, and is very close to the square. It is a historical and traditional family house. We have renovated it, respecting the architectural style of the mansion. Althea was a nymph, but was cursed by a goddess in ancient mythology and became a flower - the wild hibiscus - which is flourishes in many colours in the Greek countryside. The mansion was named Althea because the garden was full of the wild hibiscus flower.

Althea Hotel Portaria

Pelion is a region of Greece that is truly unique, and to fully appreciate the beauty of it, one needs to sample, savor and experience the magic that takes place on a daily basis. Visitors will find inspiration on every corner and underneath every stone. It is a place that has blessed by nature, and whose scenery and landscape becomes even more beautiful through the changing seasons.

We sincerely look forward to welcoming you here to Pelion in the very near future, where we are confident that you will enjoy the best holiday and travel experience of your lives.

Althea Hotel Portaria Althea Hotel Portaria