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Activities and Things to Do

Pelion is a place of immense beauty and nature. It is a place where you cannot help but to unwind and relax and enjoy the stunning landscapes and scenery, and get back to nature at its purest and most beautiful.

Activities in Pelion There are so many things for visitors to do and experience in Pelion. It is the ideal holiday destination for those who enjoy outdoor activities. In the summer months, you can go swimming at the many gorgeous beaches you will find along the coast of the Pagasitic Gulf in the west, and the Aegean sea along the eastern side of the peninsula.

Spring and autumn are two of the most beautiful seasons in Pelion, where the landscape becomes a painting of colours and aromas, with green and blues, and browns and yellows perfectly blending together, creating a truly unique setting. Pelion really is a destination for all seasons.

In the winter, you can head up to the famous Agriolefkes ski center and enjoy ski and winter sports. Pelion is exceptionally beautiful during the winter, when it is covered in a blanket of soft white snow, creating scenes you would usually find on Christmas cards.

There are lots of activities you can enjoy throughout the year in Pelion such as trekking and cycling. These are the two best ways to explore and appreciate the immense beauty of this stunning peninsula.

For trekking and hiking, there are a number of walking paths that you can follow that will take you on a wonderful journey passing through traditional villages, forests and rich vegetation. There are paths for all levels of hiker, so whether you are looking for a route that is short and simple to follow, or one that is more demanding, there will be something for everyone.

The other great way to enjoy Pelion is by cycling. There are many wonderful routes that you can follow that will take you from village to village, and offer you the perfect opportunity to enjoy the charming scenery that you will find all around you.

If you are interested in going trekking or cycling when you visit Pelion, we will be able to help arrange this for you. We work in cooperation with a ecotourism and activities company based in Portaria, and can assist in all aspects of setting up some great and fun filled activities for you to enjoy.

Pelion is really an amazing part of Greece, and is the ideal for visiting any time of the year. Whether you want to enjoy swimming, skiing, horse riding, trekking or any other type of outdoor activity, it is the best destination you can choose when planning your next holiday to Pelion.