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Portaria Pelion

The village of Portaria, 13km from the city of Volos, is situated on the slopes of Mount Pelion at an altitude of 650 meters and very near to the ski centre of Agriolefkes. It is a village of immense beauty, and one where nature thrives, creating a scenery of that is simply ideal for relaxing and peaceful holidays. Portaria is one of the most popular and famous villages in Pelion.

The village was originally built around the monastery of "Panagias of Portereas", which is where it takes its name from. Portaria is a very traditional village, and evidence of this can be seen as you take a stroll around, following the cobblestone paths.

Portaria Pelion Greece There are many traditional mansions ( arhontiko ) in Portaria, that dominate the setting, and offer a fascinating insight into the past years. These mansions were owned by wealthy families in the village, and were testament to the glorious and inspiring history of the region. Today, many of these mansions operate as hotels.

Portaria is a wonderful place to explore, and you can take enjoyable walks around the village, passing the various houses with their colourful gardens and flowers. There are also several natural springs here, including the charming waterfalls of Karavos.

There are several very interesting churches and monasteries in Portaria that are well worth visiting, such as the church of Agios Nikolaos, and the Byzantine Monastery of Agios Ioannis Prothromos, which is located on the road leading to the neighbouring village of Makrinitsa.

The landscape of Portaria is very colourful, and during the spring and summer months, the various shades of green blend in perfectly with the clear blue skies. It is a place where nature thrives, and with each season, new colours, aromas and scenery develops, constantly growing in beauty and charm.

The village of Portaria is perfectly located for your visit to Pelion, and from here one can easily venture out and explore some of the other beautiful and unique regions of the peninsula.

Portaria Pelion Greece During the winter months, the ski centre of Agriolefkes is in full operation, and visitors from all over Greece head here to enjoy ski and winter sports at this very famous and popular ski centre. The ski centre is 12km from Portaria.

Some of the views from the ski centre are stunning, and the panoramic views stretch out across the peninsula, allowing you to see the waters of the Pagasitic Gulf on one side, and the Aegean Sea on the other.

For those who enjoy the sea, Pelion has some of the finest beaches in Greece, and all along the coast, you can find perfect beaches, ideal for swimming, water sports and relaxing.

For beaches along the coast of the Pagasitic Gulf, you will head south from Portaria, heading to the main coastal road. For beaches on the coast of the Aegean Sea on the east of Pelion, you can cross over the mountains by heading north-east from Portaria, passing through the villages of Hania, Kissos and Tsagarada.

No matter when you plan to visit Portaria, you can be confident that you will have a truly unique and wonderful holiday. We hope that we can play a small role in your overall Pelion experience by offering you a great selection of accommodation at our hotel. We are confident that you will love Pelion just as much as we do.

Portaria Pelion Greece